We're bored... We're here... We're Queer!

Are you bored? And queer?
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Because gay kids do silly stuff when they're bored!


[x] Due to the increasing numbers of female spambots advertising their webcam sites (at least twice a day), membership must now be approved by a moderator. We apologize for any inconvenience.

[x] You DO NOT have to be gay to join this community. All we ask is you be open minded and don't put other members down with rude remarks or anything offensive.

[x] You can post anything you want (lyrics, pictures, poetry, stories etc.) however we do ask that you use an LJ cut for all extensive posts and/or large pictures.

[x] You cannot advertise your community or any other LJ community in bored_and_queer!
If you choose to do so, your post will be deleted and you'll be banned from the community.
If you'r looking for someplace to promote a community, head over to advertise_it or gay_promo and do it there. Thanks!

When you join B&Q please post a quick introduction... Let's say...
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(All of this is optional when joining.)

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